ownership, leadership + discipline Serious About Safety.

In our line of work, close doesn’t cut it—one wrong move could have catastrophic results. Staying grounded in this realistic view of jobsite safety, we prioritize keeping our crews safe above all else. It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s about looking out for each other, and ensuring everyone goes home at the end of the day. From our leadership team to crews in the field, it’s our belief that safety is everyone’s responsibility. With strong leadership at the helm, we foster a culture where ownership, leadership, and discipline are the cornerstones. We’re constantly learning, training, and improving because we know that keeping ourselves and our communities safe is the most important thing we do. Whether we’re high in the air, or firmly on the ground, safety is always our top priority.

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Safety Philosophy

No matter how much training and prevention methods you take, things happen on the job site. We teach our crews how to fail safely so they are prepared for the inevitable.

Every job site is an opportunity for us to learn, grow and improve our process. We see our crews as valuable assets who contribute greatly towards bettering our safety protocols.

Ownership, leadership and discipline. Everyone on our team commits to keeping each other safe and ensuring we all go home at the end of the day.

Prioritizing the prevention of life-threatening and life-altering situations, we seek to minimize incidents through rigorous safety protocols, in-depth training, and proper PPE.

Reality based protocols ensure we are prepared for when things don’t go as planned. Crews are thoroughly trained and entrusted with making the right call in the field.

safety is everyone’s responsibility our safety philosophy

At Premium Utility Contractor, we take pride in getting the job done right, and the most important component of that is safety. It’s not about maintaining our perfect OSHA record, or setting industry standards, it’s about the very real commitment we make to our team to get them home safely after every job. 

Prevention is important, but anyone with boots-on-the-ground utility contractor experience knows that it is impossible to prevent every failure—job sites can be unpredictable and people make mistakes.  Our safety model takes a realistic view of working conditions, and includes practices for failing safely and plans of action for when failure occurs.  How you respond to failed situations is crucial for future prevention and safety tactics. We take a growth-based approach, viewing each job as an opportunity for learning and training. Every member of our team is committed to our safety culture–taking ownership not only for their own safety, but that of everyone else on the team as well. We take pride in the work we do, but the thing we are most proud of is how well we take care of our people.

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